clamping edge-banding onto euclid with strips of bike tire rubber, 2016.

I specialize in custom, handmade studio furniture. I look to explore the extremes of what can be made in wood, and strive for excellence in every detail of my craftsmanship. All of my work is designed and built by hand in my studio using time-tested traditional wood joinery techniques. My building process is intense and involved, and by the time a piece is done I’ve come to know every inch of it. This attention to every facet of the design and build yields objects that embody my spirit as a craftsperson and hold on to a spark of life.

I believe craft is more important now than ever before. The objects that surround us every day make up a part of our identity, and these identities have become less personal as our material culture has become increasingly manufactured. In my work I seek to reclaim the magic of the human hand, the passion of making for the sake of making, and the challenge of creating something out of nothing. I make objects that are significant and lasting—heirloom pieces that will last generations.

I am currently accepting commissions for custom pieces, and would be excited to work with you on a new design. If you have a vision for a piece, we can work together to design something that will fit your needs and bring joy to your home for a lifetime.

Feel free to contact me at with any inquiries.