fitting drawer faces for the tilt cabinet, 2017.

I specialize in custom, handmade studio furniture. I look to explore the extremes of what can be made in wood, and strive for excellence in every detail of my craftsmanship.

My love of craft was greatly inspired by an archaeological dig I participated in some years ago in Central America. The first artifact I pulled from the jungle dirt was a shard of pottery that hadn't been touched in centuries. I've thought a lot about the nameless Mayan artisan that made that pot. It had been important to someone once. It was imbued with the care, patience, and love of a craftsperson. It had meaning. It had magic.

In this age of throwaway consumerism, I believe craft is more culturally important than ever before. We're surrounded by sterile objects that have never been touched by anyone until we take them out of their packages—objects without any spark of life. My work reflects the magic of the human hand, the passion of making for the sake of making, the challenge of creating something out of nothing. I'm here to make objects that are significant and lasting—heirloom pieces that will last generations.